Battle Of The Crownlands was a battle of the Houses of the Crownlands

The House that started the war were House Rykker and House Thorne

These Houses have always had conflicts then finally Thorne soldier attacked a Rykker camp. This started the war in the Crownlands

House Caron sided with House Rykker with House Dondarrion

House Swann sided with House Thorne with House Blackmont

The House fought for about two years. Most of the battles were in the open field. House Thorne was winning the war with his allies House Blackmont and House Swann. With the other houses at House Thorne side they had numbers of soliders at their side winning almost every battle. But the thing that House Thorne didnt know was that House Rykker had spies in the camps of House Thorne where those spies burnt down the camps. The Lords of House Thorne, House Swann, and House Blackmont were almost killed. For the rest of the war House Rykker was winning. But then King Robert of House Baratheon commanded for this false war to be over. King Robert sent ten thousand soldier in the crownland to stop th war. He threaten the house by saying if they do not make peace their armies will die. Eventually the war stopped. Now House Rykker and House Thorne are still having conflicts. The other houses that sided with them are not enemies among the houses that sided with House Rykker and House Thorne.

The whole war was in the Crownlands that is why it was called The Battle of The Crownlands

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