House Allister
Some attributes
First Sigil: A Red Sword on a White Sun in a Black Field
Second Motto: We fight like it is our last day
Third Seat: Sun Hill
Other attributes
Fourth Soldier:8,000

  House Allister is a House is the Strom Lands. House Allister was sworn fealty to House Baratheon. But they are one of the few houses that also worship the Lord Of Light. House Allister's Sigil is a Red Sword on a White Sun in a Black Field. Their Motto is We Fight Like It Is Our last Day. House Allister's seat is Sun Hill.


Sigil: A Red Sword on a White Sun in a Black Field

House Allister is well known for "The Battle of Green Fort" When House Green rebelled against House Baratheon. House Allister ask for the honor to attack Green Fort. In the night Allister archer lit their arrows on fire, and rained fire on Green Fort. As Green soliders came out to fight they found no one. But instead Allister troops took a hidden passage to Green Fort and killed House Green from inside.

House Allister lord is Lothar Allister. Lothar is a great fighters. He is in the top ten best swordsman in the whole Seven Kingdom. Lothar and Stannis Baratheon grew up together as friends. He is the first lord and  House to side with Stannis.

Sun Hill: Sun Hill has always been House Allister's seat. Sun Hill sits apon the biggest hill in the Seven Kingdom where the Sun always shines on. Sun Hill is different from the other strongholds and cities. The Hill has layers of where the citizens live. The first layer is middle class the second layer starts to get poor, the third layer is the poorest layer, the fourth layer is middle class, then the finally the fifth layer is rich class, then finally when you reach the stop of the hill sits White Keep, the Keep of Sun Hill, the Keep of House Allister.

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