House McCoy
Some attributes
First Sigil: A Red Panther in a Grey Field
Second Motto: "Power Endures"
Third Seat: Shadowpast and Ascent City on the border of The Riverlands and The North.
Other attributes
Fourth Sworn Fealty to House Stark
Fifth Military Strength: 30,000 men


Sigil: A Red Panther in a Grey Field

House McCoy is a proud House on the border of The Riverlands and The North.

House McCoy is sworn fealty to the great house of House Stark. Lord Campbell McCoy is the ruler of Shadowpast and the city Ascent City the two  seats of House McCoy. House McCoy's motto is "Power Endures" Their sigil is a Red Panther in a Grey Field.

House McCoy has always helped The Starks in any battle. During Robert Baratheons rebellion, House McCoy was there with House Stark when they captured King's Landing. They were also there during The Hour of The Wolf but House Stark told them to hold a garrison at Ridge Way a stronghold held by House Marant. When the McCoy's heard the disturbing news of House Stark becoming exticnt Lord McCoy and the rest of his 30,000 men returned to Ascent Hold within the fortnight.

Shadowpast: Shadowpast was the first seat of House McCoy. It was in the top 5 most powerful and strongest strongholds in the Seven Kingdoms. Shadowpast has survivded many wars.  Shadowpast was built by Campbell McCoy the founder of House McCoy. He built it because he already had soldiers at his command and some citizens to look after, after the attack on his town. He made Shadowpast on the the border of the Riverlands and The North and next to the sea. He made on the border so he will get support from both The North and the Riverlands if Shadowpast is under attack.

Ascent City: Is the second seat of House McCoy. It also near the sea too. It has a great port. It has the population 400,000 people. Ascent City was created during The War Of The Bandits. (The War of the bandits was a group of criminals formed together to wipe out the lords and citizens of the North and Riverlands). Lord Campbell McCoy wanted to make a city for all the citizens that lost their homes and need a better place to live and need protection. The city started out as a small city, and was made in a year. After three years of the war. The great city was made. The city had two walls for protection. The Out Wall was made one thousand yards infront of the city so that farmers can crop their food, without any worries of dying. The Inner Wall was a high wall with many tall tower on it, this was the wall to enter the city. in the middle of the sits a little island, on the island is Panther Fort. Infront of the Inner Wall are atleast 3 camps. Infront of the Outter wall in 5 camps. Inside the city was a great port call Port Panther. Now that Ascent City was created House McCoy forces are growing.

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