House Roxon
Some attributes
First Sigil: A White Snake in a Blue Field
Second Words: "Don't Give Up, Carry On"
Third Seat: Fall's End
Other attributes
Fourth Soldier:10,000
Fifth Sworn Fealty to House Stark

Sigil: A White Snake in a Blue Field

House Roxon is a House in the North. They are good allies with House McCoy. House Roxon's sigil is a White Snake in a Blue Field. There words are "Dont Give Up, Carry On". The Seat of House Roxon is Falls End

   House Roxon stayed out of The North Rebellion because they knew they could not win. Now House Roxon is helping out with the House McCoy. House McCoy and House Roxon are trying to secure the border of the North and Riverlands so that House Bolton can not cross the border and so no one can go into the North.

Fall's End: Fall's End is the seat of House Roxon. Fall's End is in the South West of the North. Fall's End is different to other strongholds because Fall's End in basically is in the groud. If you walk to Fall's End you see some walls and when you walk pass the walls you see the ground going deeper into the ground and you reach the Fall's End. You can see the tall towers to the Snake Tower.

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